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Outsourcing IT and managed services is a popular strategic approach for improving operations and reducing costs. It entails the intentional outsourcing of management duties and responsibilities. By providing IT outsourcing services across many different technology domains, Risamsoft assists in giving business models more agility and flexibility. We also assist clients in locating problems more quickly and accurately.

What is the difference between outsourcing and consulting?

An organisation that offers advice and assistance with implementation to help it enhance its structure, management systems, human resources, strategy, financial management, and information systems is known as a consultancy.

A company that outsources the administrative tasks of a business, government organisation, or other institution is known as an outsourcing firm. For instance, managing a bank’s information technology, a business’ payroll processing, or a government agency’s social welfare functions are a few examples of how to do this.

One of the contrasts is that the work of the outsourcing company is more operational in nature, whereas the work of the consulting is more analytical in nature. Both have agreements to perform services for a client company.

Experience our client-focused approach

By offering scalable options for finance, accounting, reporting, audit, risk, compliance, technology, tax, human resources, and executive search, our outsourcing services enable you to concentrate on delivering value to your firm. We can cover a range of business operations positions and offer the data and reporting your company needs to expand profitably.

Our team can evaluate your operational requirements and current workflows before creating outsourcing services specifically for you that can be scaled to satisfy your precise requirements. Take use of numerous technologies and our tactics to get high value at a reasonable cost.

The expense of hiring and/or developing specialist personnel and resources in-house is much more than what RisamSoft can offer. Regardless, there are a number of important advantages to be gained, such as a business-focused approach and specialised access to resources, tools, processes, and technologies.

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