Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the conversion of all corporate processes from manual and analogue to digital. changing tech landscape is necessary to maintain your edge

Data, Analytics & AI

Whether it's an all-encompassing data solution or a specific business analytics solution, RisamSoft creates the ideal analytics solution for your company.

Enterprise Applications

For application development services, including the creation, and delivery of software applications, cooperation of work across an enterprise we offer top-tier talent.

Cloud & Infrastructure Services (CIS)

By combining secure cloud practises with infrastructure management services, lined-up to manage our clients’ IT operations end-to-end our cloud solutions professionals reduce ownership risk.

Managed Services

The goal of improving operations and reducing budgetary expenses by eliminating directly engaged people. RisamSoft has been providing reliable, scalable and efficient application support, optimization and evolution.

Product Engineering

At Risamsoft, product engineering, transformation and sustenance are practiced as we specialized disciplines. We provide our clients flexible, durable, reliable, and with high-quality product development to Client.

Technology Staffing

We have tried-and-true methods for locating personnel who are knowledgeable about your industry and who share your objectives.

Professional Staffing

Risamsoft handles hiring in a way that will help you identify and keep qualified personnel that are a suitable fit for your company.

Outsourcing & Consulting

Our team will collaborate with you to determine your IT needs, make recommendations for the best combination of services.

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